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A social networking platform with an aim to encourage, guide and support people through daily challenges, creating a safe space online.

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Ask for Advice with
Help a Sister Out 

Use our Help a Sister Out Section to ask and receive advice to help you through your daily challenges. 


Get Inspired by

Read and Write about the important moments and journeys throughout your life to feel less alone and be inspired by others, because sometimes all you need is someone to relate too.


Unwind & Relax with

Look after your mind and health by meditating.

Download the app and let our amazing meditation experts guide you through your emotions to reach a state of relaxation.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Become the Best You with
Self Growth 

Learn from industry professionals on a range of different categories including:

Relationships, Friendships, Finance, Study Tips, Sexual Health, Trauma & Grief, Career Coaching, Body Image, Fashion, Mastering Your Mind.

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Let's get Sweaty with
HerHelp Fitness

Whether you are wanting to tone up a particular area, wanting to have control over your weight to feel more confident within yourself or to just become more physically fit, we have a workout for everyone.


Understanding Food with
HerHelp Nutrition 

Discover 100's of healthy recipes while also getting educated and informed on all things food with our HerHelp Nutritionist.

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Get the Help with
Free Resources

HerHelp strongly believe that Mental Health information should be free and accessible to anyone that needs it.

Our Free Resources allows users to browse through information without a clinical feel, bridging the gap to professional help.

Be Relaxed & Centred with
HerHelp Yoga

If you are looking to cure  fatigue, refocus your mind, relax or wake up every muscle in your body to start your day, we have a yoga session for everyone.

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What People are Saying About HerHelp!


I love everything about this app. It literally has EVERYTHING!! I use the fitness section everyday and think the mental health section is so needed and helpful 😍

- Sophie



game changer!! 🔥

- Maddi


Thank you so much for creating this beautiful platform. Wouldn't know what to do without it anymore, I honestly wouldn't.

- Holly

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